Vetenskapsjournalistik, nu lite mer bevakad

Branschtidningen Columbia Journalism Review startar The Observatory, en avdelning som uteslutande ska ägna sig åt att bevaka vetenskapsrapportering och miljöjournalistik. Programförklaringen i utvalda bitar:

“[…] climate change is hardly the only crucial scientific issue that the world needs help from the media to understand. From stem-cell research and the AIDS epidemic to a shortage of clean water and food safety, from the quality of epidemiology research to the future of space exploration, the need for credible and thorough journalism will only become more crucial as the new century unfolds.

The science desks at our nation’s newspapers are shrinking or disappearing […]. Meanwhile, a vast array of Web sites and blogs has emerged in recent years to crank out a daily torrent of scientific, environmental, and medical news and information. […]

The Observatory will monitor science journalism-covering the coverage-with an eye toward improving the journalism and thereby improving the discourse. It will be a guide to the best and worst of science and environmental journalism; it will tell you where the press excels and makes bold innovations. And it will point out where it falls victim to spin, engages in alarmism, perpetrates false balance, misrepresents the science in peer-reviewed literature, or displays questionable priorities in news judgment.”

Det finns mycket bra engelskspråkig vetenskapsjournalistik, och en del riktigt hårresande. Kan nog bli intressant läsning.

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