Ad-hoc guide to tweeting as an org

This was triggered by a request on Twitter, on guides/guidelines for tweeting as an institution. I scrambled through my mental inventory and came up blank. Then I figured that hey, I’ve done that for 11+ years, I might actually have some recommendations…

So, points to think of, off my head: 

1) Sort accounts into lists that make sense (e.g. members/staff, non-members, org accounts, relevant news sources)

2) Set a policy for each list on likes and retweets

3) If there are several tweeters, put their username in the org account description and have each sign their replies, if any, with their name/username

4) Have a policy for how you treat tweets from outside accounts. I tend to retweet a lot of community stuff and community-relevant stuff. That kind of behavior leads to a rather errant-looking timeline…

… which might not be what you want, if you assume people are reading your account in timeline view (I don’t think many do this, but maybe you want to display recent tweets on your webpage or some such)

5) Ping community members if you tweet stuff you know to be relevant to them. But it has to be very relevant to merit a ping, and not done too often

6) Hashtags are your friends, as an org. Try to have one for each relevant thing you communicate regularly; and don’t be shy to pick up a tweet, put it in retweet mode and just add a (community relevant) hashtag for visibility

7) Set up a best practices doc, even if you are the lone tweeter. There is some value in making your thinking explicit on a page, it usually clarifies things and helps you stay consistent. Also, onboarding new same-account tweeters gets WAY easier if you start with some common ground established

This post was originally a Twitter thread in response to a question from Hannah/@story645: