Specialties: Open science. FAIR, reproducibility and standards in neuroscience. Community Management. Scientific community engagement, communication, popular science and social media. Computational neuroscience, theoretical neuroscience, mathematical modelling, olfaction. Molecular gastronomy and food writing.
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8464-2494 

Don’t call me, I don’t pick up on strange numbers. Better: SMS.


I’m Malin, named after the Saltkråkan character, as so many others my age (born 1980). I’m a community manager and writer, scicommer, book reader, singer, crafter, and twin mother.

Things I do

Neuroscience standards, FAIR and best practices
As an RDA (Research Data Alliance) member
As a FORCE11 member

Open Science
Open Science Sweden member

Community Management
As an active member of the CSCCE community
2017 fellow in the AAAS Community Engagement Fellows Program
Vetenskap&Allmänhet member
PCST (Public Communication of Science and Technology) network member

Interests: art, blogging, cooking, crafting, data science, food science, knitting, mathematics, meta-science, music, neuroscience, neuroinformatics, photography, reading (everything), research, scicomm, singing, writing

Work and other occupations

Community Engagement Officer at INCF
(2013 and counting)
*Responsible for networking, defining and implementing engagement strategy within the INCF community.
*Organizing and managing community participation in mentorship programs such as Google Summer of Code, Google Season of Docs.
*Serve as the primary INCF Secretariat point of contact to INCF community and working groups.
* Ensure maintained communication within and across the INCF network and the broader scientific community.
* Plan and organize biannual INCF Node workshops (now discontinued) and other events, such as hackathons.
* Monitor and evaluate activities and engagement of INCF network members, and other INCF-relevant community groups.

Scientific Communication and PR Officer
(2009 – 2013)
Responsible for communication strategies, sourcing and writing a variety of news items for INCF’s digital and print publications, writing and layouting reports and other print material, and handling most of INCF’s presence in social media.
From February 2010 until 2017 I was also the Program Officer for the INCF Program on Multiscale Modeling.

PhD student in computer science / computational neuroscience
(2004 – 2010)
I was a PhD student in Anders Lansner’s lab in the Department for Computer Science and Communication (CSC) at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology). I performed research in computational neuroscience (computer modelling of the brain and/or its function) with a focus on processing in the early olfactory system. Part of my duties, except for research, consisted of EU-project administration & management.
Last 9 months were spent working 60% of full-time (overlapping with the position at INCF).